Trends, behaviors, habits, and desires. Understanding today’s consumers is all about understanding where their minds and hearts are set on, so that businesses can direct product and service creation and keep track of market performance.

Since 2002, Quantas has been using numbers to decode consumer habits and desires. We go beyond elaborating valuable quantitative evaluations, our expertise involves finding the best answers within a sea of numbers.

We have consolidated such skills because we have a highly qualified and experienced team, who has the ability to grasp our clients’ challenges, read the current scenario and interpret its impacts on consumers’ lives. Thus, we can carry out in-depth analyses focused on the demands which we have helped our clients identify.

We dive into



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What can we find out for your business?

  1. No matter what the topic is, we can find out what consumers, voters and viewers think?
  2. What are consumers' concerns, values, desires, and needs?
  3. How loyal are consumers to your brand?
  4. What are new product and service opportunities for your business?
  5. How can your company expand heavy users' habits towards other consumer segments?
  6. How much would consumers pay for your product or service?
  7. What is your brand equity?
  8. Can your brand be classified as a Well-Known brand according to INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property)?
  9. How can your business optimize sales?
  10. How does your packaging stand out on the shelf? Is it easily found?
  11. Is your company better off than your competitors? How?
  12. Will consumers like changes made to your products?
  13. Why did a specific ad campaign go viral?

Since today's world is ever-changing, if you have a question that can be answered through numbers, we will find the answer to it.


Our Team

Quantas’ professionals have multiple backgrounds and are highly trained and accomplished, having worked in both research agencies, which collect and analyze information, and in companies that use this information in their decision-making processes. Our team’s collaborative connection, results in an increased ability to understand the current ecosystem and consumers and effectively respond to our clients' needs.

Karla Mendes

Market Research Director
Master's Degree in Statistics, UNICAMP

Eneida Nogueira

Research Director – Market Poll
Economist, FEA USP

Marlene Treuk

Research Manager
Postgraduate Degree in Marketing,
Degree in Social Communication, ESPM

Carolina Macedo

Research Analyst
Degree in Sociology, USP, USP


  • Coletivo Tsuru – Coletivo Tsuru is a survey agency that has been active in the qualitative research market since 2015. Its observant view and sensitive listening make Tsuru a unique research consultancy, which is focused on content creation, inspiration, while anticipating relevant topics and business solutions. We have a dedicated app that expands our connection with survey respondents, in compliance within LGPD standards (Brazil's GDPR). We believe in the power of stories; real and fiction stories or narratives of brands that eventually intersect. We appreciate working together and wonder what is the next storytelling in which we will engage?
  • Umanità – Is a qualitative research agency, which has been gaining knowledge about individuals for over 20 years and share their experiences in an easy-going and affectionate way. Projects are designed based on specific client demands, often combining different methodologies to achieve thorough and inspiring results.
  • Humah – A study and knowledge curation hub that connects different knowledge fields aiming at generating a positive impact on people's lives and businesses. This takes place through the collection and assessment of primary data (qualitative research) and secondary data (case studies and benchmarks) and by decoding behaviors through deep psychosocial analyses (historical-cultural studies).
  • Evne – Evne is among the most reputable Brazilian companies in Brazil. It specializes in data collection and processing across Brazil having great expertise in building research panels, monitoring, and points of sale.
  • Datafolha – The company is active in the research market for over 30 years, its work is based on the continuous development of methods and techniques that ensure accuracy and reliability at each stage of the research process.
  • Toluna – French multinational company with over 20 years of experience in the market. Toluna combines innovative technology, award-winning research design and a proprietary research panel of more than forty million consumers in more than seventy markets, which ensures a fast, high-quality research delivered to our clients.
  • Offerwise – Approaching market research in an innovative way for the past 15 years, the company has its own methodology and specializes in creating research panels for Hispanics in the US and Latin America.
  • Elementos – A company that has a differentiated and highly sophisticated data processing system, based on the uncompromising use of statistical techniques such as segmentation and modeling.
  • BestForecast – It designs software for data collection (CATI, CAPI, WEB, and Handhelds) and tabulation, statistical modeling and various technological solutions to process and analyze research information.



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